Monday, March 16, 2009

X 60 Sightings!

Although the new Bauer X 60 skates won’t be released for retail until late spring the latest in their high end Vapor line has recently found its way onto the feet of several pros. And yes it’s Bauer, the ‘Nike’ that superseded Bauer has now been lifted from the name since they sold their share of the company last summer. The much anticipated release of Bauer’s latest skate has been amid controversy when this fall a long time Bauer employee was fired after leaking a cell phone picture of the prototype X 60 onto the internet. Needless to say, Bauer keeps a tight leash on their latest designs making the recent sightings at the NHL level big news to the hockey community.

The flashy wheels were first donned by Flyers forward Mike Richards on March 15 against the Rangers. Bruins forward Marc Savard was spotted sporting the highly anticipated model later that day along with Blackhawks defencemen Brent Seabrook.

The evolution from the Vapor XXXX’s are rumoured to be similar to their predecessors while having made slight improvements. The fit is said to be closer to the Vapor XXX’s of a few years back, having a slightly more open heel to accommodate more players while emphasizing that foot ‘wrapping’ feel to reduce negative energy.

Stay tuned for a full product review once these rockets are released, but for now enjoy the X 60 paparazzi’s at work.

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  1. Very interesting reading Zach, I am impressed by your choice of subject matter.